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  • Child soup and other German adventures

    Child soup and other German adventures

    (16/10/13) My B&B in Mannheim was super-luxurious after the hostel grossness in Amsterdam, and was even relatively conveniently located.  Mannheim is an industrial city in the south-western corner of Germany, and definitely not on the tourist trail.  It’s actually the only place I’ve been in the country, despite best intentions of making it to several festivals…

  • Clean Hands

    Clean Hands

    I am extremely in Germany right now, and I have so many questions.  For example, what does ‘oder’ mean?  Secondly, there is a gigantic Ronald McDonald plastic monstrosity sitting on the chair behind me which keeps creeping me out, yet people keep coming to have their photo taken with it.  Why?  Why?!  I am too…

  • Douche Душ Dusche

    Douche Душ Dusche

    Sometimes English is weird.  There is, of course, the example of ‘pineapple’, which manages to be called ‘ananas’ in all the other languages: informs me that the word ‘pineapple’ comes from ‘pine’ + ‘apple’ (really helpful there), which still makes about zero sense.  I’ve just done a similar search for ‘shower’ (because isn’t etymology…