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  • Pained: Loon-Plage to Calais

    Pained: Loon-Plage to Calais

    When I woke up on my second morning of doing the Belgian coast walk, I felt like I was going to die: I was already shaking, and I hadn’t even gotten out of bed, yet.  Therefore it was somewhat of a pleasant surprise to wake up after my first 38km on the French coast feeling…

  • Ecstatic: Calais to Audinghen

    Ecstatic: Calais to Audinghen

    I swear Calais’ Punjabi restaurant gave me superpowers, because I woke up on day three feeling like I wasn’t going to re-commence sobbing with every other step.  My mission for the day would be reaching Audinghen, as the only village under 40km away with accommodation less than 80 euro for the night.  (I was very much…

  • Hysterical: Audinghen to Boulogne-sur-Mer

    Hysterical: Audinghen to Boulogne-sur-Mer

    After three days and nearly 110km, day four would finally be a shorter day.  My destination was Boulogne-sur-Mer, which seemed to be the last place to get an ‘easy’ connection back to Brussels via Lille.  I did briefly consider just continuing to walk, ad infinitum, but my body was honestly not up to it.  Also,…