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  • Day 0 Brussels to Irun

    Back in January, I took a few days off to go hiking in Portugal.  Brussels just doesn’t represent as far as things like ‘sun’, ‘ocean’, or ‘hills’ go, and with flights something like 15 euro each way, it was hard to say no.  While I was there and directly after getting somewhat off-trail and then sliding […]

  • Ballena Loca: Irun to San Sebastián; San Sebastián to Getaria.

    The first morning of the Camino del Norte did not bode well; the weather was exceedingly grumpy, and not afraid to show it.  Nonetheless I set off, following the somewhat random directions given by my GPS, until suddenly I spotted some people on a path near me.  They’d evidently spotted me, too, as the guy yelled […]

  • Rubia/Nordica: to Deba, Markina-Xemein, and Eskerika

    Days three through five of the Camino took us from to Deba, thence to Markina-Xemein, Gernika and Eskerika.  It also took us to around the 150km mark of the walk, which was at that point by far the farthest I’d ever walked in a week. Day 3: Getaria to Deba (18km) We woke up in Getaria to see […]

  • Perros Peligrosos: Morga to Portugalete, Castro-Urdiales, and Islares.

    Days 6 through 8 of my Camino del Norte saw some rest days, a lot of pintxos, and a number of friendly dogs.  It also saw Rie abandoning me to go back to Granada. Day 6: Eskerika to Bilbao (30km) Waking up in our hostel in Morga/Eskerika, we set out for Bilbao, on what would […]

  • Italianos: Portugalete to Islares

    Day 9: Portugalete to Islares (45km) Well.  This was a huge day. Unlike the Camino Frances, the Camino del Norte is not that well-trafficked.  As such it doesn’t have the infrastructure to support it that the Frances does.  Apparently, on the Frances, there are albergues around every 2km.  On the del Norte, the distances were […]