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  • Still tripping (days 3, 4 and 5)

    Still tripping (days 3, 4 and 5)

    Day three of our road trip dawned bright and sunny.  No, wait, the exact opposite of that: and given that our tour of the pretty rock formations (and, uh, Aboriginal heritage areas) didn’t run when the road was too wet ‘in case we twisted our ankles’, we had some time to kill.  So the three of […]

  • Home-comings


    I made the notes for this post on a page which has a count-down of my days left in Aus, which is not exactly a good sign I suppose! And to be fair, the first draft was written in a coach station with a suspicious keyboard.  However, that was pretty super depressing, so I’m redoing […]

  • Anthropomorphic Blue Hippo

    Anthropomorphic Blue Hippo

    Ah, the return of the blue hippo. After rather an absence, I’ve decided it’s time to get back to the blog – mainly because I am excited out of my brain! Things were getting pretty bad for a while there. So I’ve spent the past few months trying to get some balance back in my […]

  • Lowenbrau


    I realise I have nine overdue New Zealand posts (which are forlornly awaiting photos), but something a little strange just happened to me, and so I am buzz-blogging for the first time since Piter. I’ve just been out at the Lowenbrau with my housemate Crystal for a friend’s birthday.  It was this strange experience of having […]

  • ’60s Date Night

    ’60s Date Night

    A couple of times this year, my house-mate Crystal and I have been on what I’ve dubbed “flatmate date nights” (because I am the creepy one in all of my human relationships).  One of my favourites was toward the start of the year, when we went to see Anchorman 2 at the moonlit cinema—ie we sat […]