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  • Modern Romance

    Modern Romance

    Last time I was in Athens, I went out for dinner with a lovely French guy.  He was staying in my hostel room, and as I told him in my traditionally tactful and indirect way, the ‘least creepy French guy I’ve ever met’.  He laughed when he heard this and shrugged.  “I’ve been living in Sweden,” […]

  • The Road

    The Road

    Last weekend was my ten-year travelversary.  As I used to keep a diary, I actually have a record of it: on 10/5/04, I wrote an entry entitled ‘Je suis prest’, saying that I’m off!! Thus did “Laura’s Big Adventure” begin. My friend Luke was actually standing behind me at the time, and when he saw […]

  • Security


    I nearly accidentally punched the marketing director this week.  I mean, I’m sure that happens to a lot of people, but this was very much a close thing.  My work has just moved premises, and my new desk has me standing with my back to several passageways.  Apparently my colleagues have ninja skills, as I often […]

  • The smallest of vices

    The smallest of vices

    I went out with Dasha on Thursday night, and thankfully, this time there were fewer disasters.  (Her car is now fixed, by the way; apparently it was $3k of damage, but happily she had comprehensive insurance—and had forgotten about it—so it cost ‘only’ $600 to repair.) The event we were going to was a launch […]

  • The Mungo Road Trip (days 1 and 2)

    The Mungo Road Trip (days 1 and 2)

    This particular road trip came about after I saw a photo taken in Mungo National Park on a Central Coast train, and immediately texted Jess saying that our attendance was compulsory.  I didn’t first check where it was of course, so it was quite a surprise to find out that it was 1000 km away. The […]