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  • A Poem for Tony

    A Poem for Tony

    There are a few things which make me angry. Pretty high on that list are sexism, racism, climate change deniers, stupidity, and people who are bad at their jobs. As you can imagine, therefore, I’m not a big fan of the current Australian Government. In fact, the last federal election sent me into an unparalleled…

  • Не привыкайте никогда and squishy hearts.

    Не привыкайте никогда and squishy hearts.

    “I used to be like you,” said my friend Louise, with the involuntary condescension common to happily married couples everywhere.  “Then I fell in love, and my heart got squishy.” “Louise,” I replied, turning to her, “I only just barely stopped myself from pushing you down the stairs.  Don’t even!” Louise laughed and thanked me…

  • The In-Between

    The In-Between

    I remember that when Jess and I went to go see the Inbetweeners’ film, the couple next to us were so offended that they left.  It pretty much made my night. The Inbetweeners is a hilariously filthy and awkward TV series about four Brit guys who aren’t quite teens and aren’t quite adults—hence, ‘inbetween-ers’.  This…

  • Hands Down

    Hands Down

    Some of the alternate names for this post which had me giggling inappropriately on the train: All Hands on Deck The Handover Pants Party The Masturbation Poem (less euphemism, more accuracy) Today a friend commented on an article which suggested, through fallacious ‘science’, that people should masturbate less.  I wasn’t quite sure if it was…

  • Bachata y di-carster.

    Bachata y di-carster.

    Dasha is an awesome Russian/Kiwi chic I met back in December (under some fairly hilarious circumstances which are inappropriate to write about), and have hung out with a few times since.  On Friday, strangely after another Russian friend had just bailed on me, she texted me asking if I wanted to go to a Bachata…