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  • 54hrs


    After a 54-hour journey, I’m safely back in Australia.  And it’s, so, weird.  On the one hand, over the past year, everything’s changed for me; on the other, Sydney is more or less exactly as I left it.  It is amazing to have food I like again, though: hello, raisin toast, snack chocolate, nudie smoothies, Thai…

  • The Cave Mentality

    The Cave Mentality

    So this morning I went for a hike.  This is one of several hikes I’ve been on since being back in Aus, but it was so full of Standard Disasters that I just had to write about it.  You’d think I’d be over writing really, being as it’s half of my job, and that I finished…

  • The Scotland Photos, and busy-ness.

    The Scotland Photos, and busy-ness.

    (click to enlarge) Posts about Scotland: ____________________________________________________________ This article, about the ‘perils of busyness’, is the kind of thing people are forever tagging me in.  And, given that it’s taken me 5 months to upload my promised Scotland photos, they may have a point!  So, I hope you’ve enjoyed them.  I’ve also just about finished…

  • The Numbers Game

    The Numbers Game

    Last night, I took my friend Mimi to a backpackers’ bar.  I guess I miss my people and/or normal life!  Before I proceed however I should probably give warning that this is more over-sharey and less role-modely in what is ordinarily a pretty oversharey, unrolemodely blog anyway (also, this post is not exactly under-18s friendly).…

  • The ‘Berra

    The ‘Berra

    I realised on Friday that I’m actually a terrible traveller—I arrived back in Aus four months ago, and hadn’t actually left Sydney (/the Central Coast) since. That’s now changed, after spending the long weekend in Canberra: the place I lived before Russia and the city I generally refer to as ‘the place souls go to die’.…