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  • The bull always wins

    The bull always wins

    On my last morning in Brussels, my friend Anouk’s mum asked me what my plans were for the upcoming months.  I said that I was planning on going to Costa Rica and Colombia on my way back to Brussels, and Anouk—henceforth ‘the Dutchie’—said she’d like to go to Costa Rica.  I asked her why didn’t…

  • Tamarindo and the Pacific coast

    Tamarindo and the Pacific coast

    After another night at Hostel Dodero in Liberia, it was time to get our butts into gear. We decided to start the day off by heading to Llanos del Cortes, around 20 minutes by public bus east of the city (with the word ‘city’ used reasonably loosely). After being dropped more or less in the…

  • Santa Elena

    Santa Elena

    Our second morning in Tamarindo saw us getting up ridiculously early (though, spoilers, earlier mornings were quickly to come). The lady at the desk had shown us a timetable which suggested that there was a direct local bus from Tamarindo to Barranca, to change and go up to Monteverde, at seven am. It would cost…

  • Monteverde


    Waking up fiendishly early, we made ourselves ready to catch a bus up to Monteverde at 06:15. It’s possible to get a tour which picks you up from in town and takes you up, but they’re $100+. No, thank you! As it was, we ended up on the same bus as the local guides and…

  • La Fortuna

    La Fortuna

    Our initial plan for La Fortuna was to take a rest day, before checking out Arenal volcano the following day then heading to San José. However, that didn’t take into account that it was in no way possible: the last bus to San José leaves at 4pm, which we wouldn’t be able to make. Instead,…