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  • Countries hot and cold

    Countries hot and cold

    In Russia, people would always tell me how because I’m from a hot country, my personality doesn’t suit being in a cold country like theirs.  The theory goes that people from warm places are ‘warm’ people, open and friendly, while people from cold places have (you’ll never guess) ‘cold’, reserved personalities.  I personally think this…

  • The (only) blonde at the airport

    The (only) blonde at the airport

    I’m in Colombia!  Yeah!!  Not that getting here wasn’t fraught with its usual disasters, of course. For a start, there’s the minor detail that I don’t actually have a flight out of Colombia yet.  I’ve got one from Buenos Aires in ten weeks (which I’m obviously now changing to be around 6.5 weeks earlier), but…

  • El diálogo es superior al asalto.

    El diálogo es superior al asalto.

    Pictured: the worst possible business card to give to a vegetarian. Today’s blog post is named for a poster I saw at a bus stop yesterday: it had a man and a woman, and the slogan that ‘dialogue is better than assault’.  I’m not even sure what else to say about that. After a day…

  • Two Lauras, an Angel and a potato.

    Two Lauras, an Angel and a potato.

    The right-hand side of today’s featured image is a pretty accurate depiction of me at the moment.  One big blob of lazy!  I’ve been doing nothing! After my adventure to the salt cathedral on Wednesday, Thursday’s  mission was to head into Bogota with Laura’s sister Angie.  We didn’t get going until very late, and I also…

  • Santa Marta

    Santa Marta

    Uncharacteristically, I am hiding from Happy Hour, so it’s a happy coincidence that I have a lot to write about! Colombians are freaking awesome.  Really.  They’re the friendliest, happiest, most helpful people ever.  I caught a series of buses to get to the airport today, and at every station people walked up to me (it’s…