Like books?  Like free stuff?  Have some kind of social media account (we're obviously not going to believe a 'no')?  Then you can download Pickles and Ponies: A Fairy-Tale, for free!  Whoohooo!

Why the hell are you doing this?  Don't you want to make money?!!
Well, yes.  In an ideal world everybody would buy my book, thereby funding a life of travel-based misadventures.  However the reason I wrote the book was that I promised my grandmother I would, and now that she's got it, the most important thing has been accomplished.  Naturally the physical books can't be given away for free, but now that I've made back the money I spent commissioning the cover, it's more important to me that people get to read it.  If they don't like it, that's totally fine—but if they do, and I've somehow brought a bit of sunshine to somebody's day?  Well I think that's pretty magical.  So by all means, download the book ("you wouldn't download a car!"), tweet about it, share it around, and hopefully we'll make someone's day a bit brighter!  Haha not that reviews aren't always appreciated 😉

Enjoy 😀

PS if you're keen to buy me a hot chocolate, then you can always still buy the book using the links to the right, or via the via the menu at the top of the page.

Download links

Mobi file for Kindle:

Epub file:

PDF file:

Note that it says 'Pay with a Tweet', but as well as Twitter you can use Facebook, VK, LinkedIn, Google+ and Xing.

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