Les Arcs

Yesterday was one of the best days’ snowboarding of my life!  In fact, it gets right up there into the ‘best days’ categories, full stop.

After a thoroughly reasonable amount of sleep and some vegemite (naturally), Wicklund drove Ros and I to the funiculaire, which we took up to Les Arcs, Paridiski.  I was a bit nervous to be honest—I hadn’t been properly riding since Italy in 2012!  The one half-day I spent messing about at Perisher Australia doesn’t really count.  Also I broke my arm, so boo.  I wasn’t sure if my body would still remember what to do, or if I’d end up breaking yet more bones/gaining yet more injuries again.

Happily, Ros was also happy to have a very chilled day.  She didn’t even mind my being a pain-in-the-ass snowboarder, having to strap my bindings on at the top of every slope (she’s a skiier).  So we spent the day cruising around, mainly on the beginner runs but having a lovely time.  And lo and behold, while I’m rusty, I can still ride!  Result.  Haha though I didn’t really feel like pushing myself and taking on the steeper slopes.  Maybe today, when I’m off to La Plagne.

After a solid five or so hours’ riding/skiing, it was starting to get dark and visibility was quickly dropping.  We decided to head for Arc 1800, which just so happened to have a pool and spa.  Wicklund had mentioned it while we were on our way to the funiculaire, and happily we went back to the house to grab bikinis.  I must say, the final ride down to 1800 was deadly: I was having to stop around every 400 metres to rest my legs and sit facing uphill for a bit.  So much burn!

Nevertheless, we got there and had a snack (yes to brownies!) before trooping on over to Mille 8, the aquatic centre.  Haha we made quite a few fails tbh: it was only once through the gates that we could purchase towels from the vending machine, and we didn’t have enough coins.  We ended up combining our funds, managing to buy a towel the size of a man’s handkerchief to share.  We then didn’t have enough coins for lockers, so just hoped nobody would steal our stuff!

The pool itself was lovely, with many trips to the saunas and hammams, followed by swims and walks around the pool, and of course a significant amount of time getting massaged by the jets.  Very talented jets, I must say: they managed to undo my bikini top (quick save!).  Haha there was one guy sitting opposite one set of jets, looking creepy as hell and just waiting for our tops to fall off.  There were also people outside in the snow taking photos of us inside, which was super weird.  It was still lovely though, and we went on a little water slide!  Hahaha and one of the French lifeguards absolutely threw himself at me, which was hysterical.

After a couple of hours it was time to go, and we caught the bus and funiculaire back down, at which point Wicklund picked us up and took us home again.  Legend, right?  And not only that, but he cooked us all an epic dinner (again), while I pretty much showered then wrapped myself in a doona.  It was honestly such an amazing day: and now, time to ride 😉

Tuesday Night Circus

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