The Piece of S*** Book Club

Over the past few months, I’ve learned that Reddit leads to sketchiness of the most amazing variety. The Piece of Shit Book Club definitely fits into the ‘amazing’ part.

I came across these guys while on one of the writing/reading sub-reddits one day. They were asking for submissions of the worst possible books people knew of. Curious, I checked out their reviews, and just about died of laughter. I sent them a message, saying I’d send them my book for free for the sheer giggles, and if they happened to think it was a ‘piece of shit’ and therefore reviewed it, then that would be incredible.

The guys got back to me and said they’d review my book, if in return I did a guest post for them. I obviously agreed, though then started to worry: what if they assigned me something really violent or racist or rapey? When they sent me the book they’d chosen for me, I was relieved to see it was only dinorotica. Yes, that’s right, ‘only’ bestiality porn about a woman having sex with a goddamn raptor. On the upside, I still feel sick whenever I see a picture of a dinosaur. Hmm. Nope – I tried, but there’s definitely no upside.

Either way, I did the review (below – it’s not suitable for under 18s. Or anybody else.). They then posted a review of my book, which is priceless . Haha as it went live they sent me three messages reassuring me that they did not in fact think it was a bad book, which I found quietly adorable. I then read the review five times in a row and was absolutely crying with laughter! It does have spoilers though, including giving away the ending, so if you’re currently reading my book or plan on reading it, do that first.

Oh! And the guys dubbed me ‘hot bot’, because they joked that normally the only visitors to their blog are bots.


My review: Mating with the Raptor

Their review: Pickles and Ponies

Being Dingo Aware
’60s Date Night

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