The Book!

In case you missed it, the book is out.  You can buy it!!  And read it!!  And even dance around it, if you want to!!!  For details or to buy it, see this page, or click ‘Books’ in the top menu bar.

You should also be able to order it in at your local bookstore by providing the ISBN (ISBN-10 1502435772; ISBN-13 9781502435774).

The cover art was done by the fabulously talented (not to mention patient) Margaux Kindhauser.  You can find her page on Facebook, or follow her on Tumblr.

I would appreciate your feedback *so* much! You can leave it wherever you bought the book, and, of course, on Goodreads <3


I hope you enjoy it 😀


The Airport Connection
Anthropomorphic Blue Hippo

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