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This article, about the ‘perils of busyness’, is the kind of thing people are forever tagging me in.  And, given that it’s taken me 5 months to upload my promised Scotland photos, they may have a point!  So, I hope you’ve enjoyed them.  I’ve also just about finished writing about my ‘Bloc Trip’, which I can’t believe was almost two years ago.  The only posts left to do are about my first trips to Greece and to Turkey, but the rest can be accessed via the ‘Bloc Trip’ category in the top menu.  As you’ll gather, I’m slowly working through my to-do list (which despite taking a few months off work, I wasn’t able to finish), because I am sooo sick of being busy, and I want to get it all out of the way.  Because after that, there’s my novel, the NGO I run, my social life, my job, my adventures, my languages, not to mention the zillion different uni courses I keep enrolling in–though in a small concession, I dropped out of my grad dip to have slightly more time in my day.  Haha then, naturally, there’s my all-important reading and zombie-film watching..!

As to travel plans, I still want to make it to NZ this year before I leave the Hemisphere.  There are some road-blocks in the fact that my camera’s broken and that I’m a contractor and therefore get no leave entitlements, but I’m working on each.  I’m then aiming to get into a Masters program in Brussels starting January 2015, so would leave Aus in late December to go and visit people on the way.  Just-in-case, I’ll likely also apply to similar Masters programs in the Netherlands, UK, Germany and Hungary—there’s a course I’d like to do in Geneva, but I’d have to write essays in French which would be a bit too much of a challenge at this point.

Time to get back to that to-do list!

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