I’ve said before how much love there is in my classrooms.  It doesn’t even always stay there—my lovely students often email or VK me and say the cutest things.

Right now, I’m in the middle of an epic pile of marking, and came across this little gem.  My students were doing the writing part of a past exam paper, and they could choose one of multiple topics to address.  This particular student chose the following:

“You have seen this announcement in an international magazine.  ‘My favourite teacher: tell us about a favourite teacher of your and say what you remember about him or her.  We will publish the most interesting articles next month.’”

Here’s what he wrote:

My favourite teacher. 

My favourite teacher is my English teacher Laura May Skillen.  She has come to Russia from Australia, and now teaches English in EF Veteranov School.

What are the most notable things about her?

1. She ALWAYS smiles.  If she is angry, she smiles and tells about that.  If she’s glad, she smiles very kindly.

2. We sometimes swear during the lessons, and she does too (;-)), but still everything is OK.

3. She doesn’t give us the kind of homework other teachers do: no exercises; boring rules and others; [instead she gives us] essays, typing games and other really cool stuff.

4. She has a cool way of teaching.  For me as her student, she’s firstly a good friend, and then a teacher.  We have our own atmosphere of calmness and peace in class.

So, here is an article about my favourite teacher, Laura May Skillen.  To tell the truth, I don’t want it to get published.  Just for fun.

The end 😉


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