Cave of Gold

Firstly, I did get that baby-sitting job, and my first day was last Thursday.  It’s perfect, actually: it doesn’t breach my contract with EF, they’re just around the corner, they want me for 4 hours a week (two on Tuesday, two on Thursday) and they’re paying me 1500 rubles ($45) an hour.  That was my opening bid!  They also want to know my full-time rate: they want to poach me from EF, but the only reason I’d abandon my teenagers is if I went to Moscow or left the country.  I couldn’t possibly be in St Petersburg and not be their teacher, I love them way too much!  I do have to come up with a full-time rate anyway though, as it sounds like this family will want me to go with them for the summer, to Italy or Turkey.  Whoa, nice right?  They want their kids to speak English like a native—and the kids are adorable, a six-year-old girl and 18-month-old boy.  I’m to just hang out with them—I’m employed as a ‘friend’—and play games like hide-and-seek, cook cakes and things.  Super-fun, right?  Yay :)

Secondly, as promised, here are photos from the trip to Pushkin last weekend.  Enjoy!  (To see the album on facebook instead, click here :))

Land of… opportunity?
At the Barn-Dance

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