Two minutes in the metro

I think I’ve mentioned the awesomeness of the metro in just about every post so far.  What I didn’t mention though, is that as well as the service being excellent (there’s a train on each line every two minutes), the stations themselves are… well, unusual.  What I also think is crazy is that despite the trains coming every two minutes to whisk people away, in that two minutes, the whole platform fills up again.  How can so many people need to travel around so much?

Anyway, I had a little time to kill while travelling from one workplace to another two days ago, so decided to get off at each stop and undertake the ‘two minute metro’ challenge – I would jump off the train, take photos, and get back on the next train two minutes later (this had the added bonus of my not getting into trouble for taking photos in the stations – I’m basically a super-villain).  I’m definitely going to do this again, but in the below slide-show you can see all stops (bar Gostiny Dvor) from Primorskaya to Prospekt Veteranov.  Enjoy!

You can count on it (groan)

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