I made up for my guilt at how late I’ve been getting out of bed by going for a wander today at “photos-o’clock”.  Enjoy 🙂


These courtyards can have ANYTHING inside them.



A little babushka, counting her dinic.



The Church of Spilled Blood.


Yes, I took a lot of photos of the Church of Spilled Blood. It’s somewhat photogenic!


This guy is totally falling over.


There are artists throughout the city.


You can see why Piter’s called the Venice of the North.


What of it?




Note that the man is playing a flute and guitar, while manipulating a puppet who is wearing the exact same outfit as he is.


I got enthusiastically yelled at by an outraged Russian woman in the process of taking this photo, so figured I’d better post it 🙂



Eta ya! Today’s blog post comes from what the lady who took this photo said – that my accent was ‘perfect’ :D. Beyond stoked!


Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiny little old lady, huuuuuuuuuge building.


How cute are they!
We’re all crazy
Shrug – it’s Russia.

2 responses to “Совершенный”

  1. Great photos. Don’t know what I expected but am pleasantly surprised. It looks gorgeous! Love the T-Shirt!!

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