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From the sea to the sky

I love Cartagena.  It’s like Lisbon would be, if Lisbon were better.  Because while it has the colours and tiles and flavours of Lisbon, it’s not as controlled: colours, like life, are raucous; there’s little colouring between-the-lines.  And while I appreciate living in places where things are organised to an almost concerning extent, for travel,…

Quiet leavings

We’re currently on a minibus from Santa Marta to Cartagena, which while having WiFi and air conditioning, has seen us nearly witness or be involved in a humungous number of head-on collisions.  Defensive driving isn’t really a thing in Colombia, and that doesn’t make for the most relaxing of rides. Moments ago, we stopped at…

The Lost City: Descent

Last night was a bit rough.  There were two snorers right next to me, meaning no sleep for several of us; there was loud music playing until 21:30 (which wouldn’t be bad if we didn’t all have to get up at 5am); and Anouk and one of the other Dutchies became ill. I’m not not…

The Lost City: Green Hell

At a bright and early 4.30am, we woke up to finally head to the Lost City, which was a mere few kilometres away.  Of course, I say ‘woke up’, but in actuality the beds were so uncomfortable that my back had been in too much pain to sleep during the night, so let’s call it…

The Lost City: Paraiso

We are all so freaking wet right now.  For the last couple of hours of the day’s hike, it was absolutely pissing it down–somewhat familiar from the last time I hiked in the region! Last night after I’d finished writing, the guides came over to tell us a bit about the area.  To that point,…


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